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Welcome to Atlas Services

The area leader in downsizing, rightsizing and organizing.

Founded in 2002, Atlas Services is the premier downsizing and organizing management company in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. With over a decade of experience, Atlas Services has handled thousands of estate clean outs, and specializes in transitioning seniors from their lifetime residences to new housing with care, kindness, and economy. We take a job that can seem overwhelming and apply our expertise to eliminate stress and facilitate a rewarding and economically beneficial transition for all involved.

About Us

Why Choose Atlas?
At Atlas Services we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations with our professionalism, efficiency, value, and fully comprehensive services that are delivered personally to our clients by our own in-house staff. Working with our sister company Atlas Hauling, we can streamline every job without having to outsource to other companies, saving our clients time and money and allowing us to deliver the consistent personal service and direct accountability that are our hallmarks. We do it ourselves at Atlas, creating a pricing advantage for our clients, while other companies must hire independent contractors for hauling and other moving services and pass on that extra expense in their fees.

Unmatched Expertise and Retail Knowledge.
Along with our essential expertise and equipment, including an experienced downsizing staff and trucks operated by our sister company Atlas Hauling, Atlas Services also possess unparalleled connections to resale and donation marketplaces. Our knowledge of the most lucrative and cost-effective resale and donation markets allows our clients to maximize the value of the items in their homes. We rely on our established reputation with resellers to get our clients the best and most competitive prices for their possessions as quickly as possible.

Service and Value In Equal Measure.
At Atlas Services we transform what may seem like a daunting endeavor into a manageable and fulfilling experience, and we remain sensitive throughout every stage of the process to the emotional needs of our clients. No detail is too small, and no job is too vast or unwieldy for Atlas Services. With our many years of experience, we literally have seen it all and can handle anything.

In addition to prioritizing exceptional personal service to our clients, we never lose sight of the bottom line, and always ensure that our clients’ treasures and lifelong possessions are resold, donated, and recycled in the way that will benefit our clients the most. Our in-depth merchandising knowledge allows us to identify relevant items of value in every home. At each job, we seek to discover items that owners themselves may not have considered worthy of resale or donation, and our clients are thrilled when they are able to realize unexpected profits at auction houses and other specialized venues such as eBAY from our expert valuation of their possessions. Atlas Services knows what will sell where at the highest price with the greatest speed. Too often we have been consulted by other downsizing providers who fail to recognize the value of resale merchandise altogether, or who have failed to market resale merchandise in the appropriate venue and deprived their clients of profits they otherwise could have realized. With Atlas Services, every job is done with care, compassion, and an eye for delivering the greatest satisfaction to our clients with the best service and the best value in everything we do.

Our Services

Initial In-Home Meeting:
Atlas Services will come to your home and sit down with you and/or your family members and talk about your specific needs. We will go room to room to identify items that can be used for the new residence, items to donate, items to be sold, items to recycled, items to be incinerated, and debris in need of removal. We are fully equipped and experienced in handling homes in need of a great deal of cleaning and sorting, with a large volume of accumulated assets and other items. Ensuring that you are comfortable and satisfied with the process is our first priority.

Project Coordination:
Atlas Services will coordinate with homeowners, relatives, caregivers, guardians, estate executors, administrators, and attorneys, keeping all parties apprised by their preferred method of communication, whether telephone, text, or e-mail.

Atlas Services will establish a timeline for items to be removed.

Floor Plans:
Atlas Services will visit the new residence to evaluate the available space and develop a floor plan and a strategy for the move itself.

Pack, Unpack, and Resettle:
Atlas Services will professionally pack your belongings, unpack your belongings and put away your belongings.

Atlas Services offers professional downsizing, rightsizing and organizing. Virtual services also available using technology with phones, tablets and computers.

Atlas Services presents detailed options for preparing your home for the market. We create a customized lifestyle image that targets buyers.

Paper Sorting:
Atlas Services will sort through papers, medical bills, and all accumulated paperwork. We will look for crucial legal documents for estate administrators such as wills, titles, and deeds.

Sell Your Belongings:
Atlas Services arranges for the most profitable sale of unneeded items through auctions, buyouts, estate sales, global eBay Sales, and other markets. We assess possessions for maximum resale value, including photographs, paintings, furniture, pottery, glass, books, militaria, collectibles (toys, stamps, coins, etc.), silver and gold, jewelry, clothing, vintage items (electronics and otherwise), and all other items of potential resale value. Our extensive expertise in merchandise and resale markets gives us the ability to discover any hidden treasures in our clients’ possessions and return unexpected profits to them when possible.

Coordinate Donations:
Atlas Services will pack items for donation and deliver them to local charities. A detailed list of donations is provided for your tax records, including an IRS recommendation for value.

Atlas Services will take your confidential documents and have them incinerated. We will provide you with a receipt of destruction.

Clear out:
Atlas Services will arrange for the sale, donation and disposal of any items left in your home and broom sweep the residence for turnover to new owners.

Free Consultations:
Atlas Services provides free consultations to all prospective clients interested in any of our services. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our company in person.


Email or call 703-201-3084 to request a free consultation.


Lori and her Team did a superb job for us!! Helped us understand the entire downsizing process, held our hand throughout, laughed with us and was patient when we were stressed. She was indispensable to our move!”

LL – Mclean, VA

Lori, we wish to express to you our most grateful appreciation for the extraordinary assistance you and your entire team rendered us in the monumental task of our downsizing a lifetime accumulation of “stuff” Your technique of “imbedding” with us skilled professionals Shannon and Claire, who doggedly, but with patience and great sensitivity, guided us successfully through a difficult sorting out process that was both physically demanding and also frought with emotion.”

CC – Fairfax Station, VA

Lori and Dave are great! They did a wonderful, well organized clear out after the movers removed what I was taking with me. I did not know there was a company like Atlas Services! They took care of donations saleable items and trash all at once!”

CL – Warrenton, VA

As a military professional accustomed to being task oriented it was particularly gratifying to me to be the beneficiary of what was clearly a superbly organized and executed operation from start to finish.”

TS – Arlington, VA

Atlas Services; they are all very hard workers and professional in their approach in helping us decide what to take and how to best use our things in our new apartment.”

NB – Fairfax, VA

Lori, Shannon, Claire and Suzanne downsized us! All were very pleasant and easy to work with and much more economical than other downsizers.”

JK – Bethesda, MD

We received all of our donation receipts from Atlas Services and a nice check for the furniture sent to auction. Lori and her team did and wonderful job and she is great to work with: very respectful of the client’s “difficult time”… highly recommended.”

KS – Springfield, VA

The Atlas Team was just what we needed to downsize our house and get us moved into our apartment at Greenspring. Lori keeps watch over he clients and takes care of every detail.”

BH – Burke, VA

My partner and I used Lori James and her company personally and we have recommenced to many of friends. Lori’s knowledge in antiques and collectibles embarrasses its competitors.”

JJ – Springfield

I was so pleased with the downsizing process. I would have been completely overwhelmed by the whole process. I want to thank everyone, but particularly Claire. She worked tirelessly with barely a pause the whole time. It was a pleasure to get to know her.”

GW – Chevy Chase, MD

Lori and crews made three visits to our home removing items that needed new homes. Her crews are very efficient.”

JS – Mount Vernon, VA

I could not have done this transition without all of your crews; especially Shannon, Suzanne, Chris and Crew. I really appreciate everything you did for me. You get high marks!”

MJ – Alexandria, VA

When we first saw Greenspring advertisement professing to have a plan that makes selling, downsizing and moving worry free… we found that hard to believe, BUT over a short period of 60 days, we discovered that their claims were true! The Atlas Team delivered the downsizing and clean-up service in record time and got top dollar for our saleable goods and disposed of the rest . Thank you for making our move indeed ‘worry free’.”

VT – Falls Church, VA

From the outset we developed a relationship of comradely, teamwork, cooperation and trust, which was absolutely essential in getting this type of job done.”

SH – Silver Springs, MD

Atlas Services with Lori James at the helm and her crew were vital service n the downsizing process. Their determination to assist us in any way we felt most helpful was very clear.”

IV – Springfield, VA

Lori and Dave were superb in help with shedding some of the treasures we were hanging on to.”

BS – Annandale, VA

Atlas Services took items that I did not need, was highly efficient and their people were very pleasant. They took some items to auction and game me a check and the rest was donated to a charity so I can take a tax deduction. Lori must have a great training program!”

WW – Annandale, VA

Atlas Services help was better than Prozac.”

TP – Washington, DC

Lori James, from Atlas Services, and her crew were of vital service in the downsizing process. Their determination to assist us in the way we felt most helpful was very clear. When we needed to have items removed from the house and disposed of according to our desires her people were immediately available, courteous and efficient.”

MI – College Park, MD

Thank you so much for the hard work your company performed on my part. Shannon was a pleasure to work with. She maintained a wonderful sense of humor throughout the downsizing.”

VK – Dumfries, VA

Thanks Lori for everything! I appreciate your help. I particularly appreciate the steady nature of Shannon. She was my rock. Again, Thanks!”

DT – Alexandria, VA

Thanks so much for your excellent assistance and great good humor in dealing with Jack and me on the downsizing of his house. It has been a real pleasure working with you and we are going to recommend you to everyone else going through the same process.”

PW – Fairfax, VA

You have no idea how many decades I have dreaded and thought about having to eventually clear out my parents’ hoard-filled home. Now that gigantic weight has taken off my back thanks to you in the most incredible, expedited, fantastic ways (auction house, eBay, Habitat for Humanity, Purple Heart, & lets not forget the amount of pure trash & hazardous materials. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough But please know of my (& 3 brothers’) undying admiration for you.”

Thank you for the wonderful job your team did yesterday. They were fast, efficient and thorough. It would have taken me months to accomplish what they did in 5 hours. Chris, Claire, John and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job!”

JM – Fairfax Station, VA

Who We Are

Atlas Services is based in Alexandria, Virginia and is owned and operated by Lori James. Prior to founding Atlas Services, Lori earned her BS in Design from the University of Maryland at College Park and operated a retail antiques and collectibles store in Old Town Alexandria. Lori employs a staff of 25 employees and personally supervises all of the company’s projects and jobs. Lori’s love of antiques, collectibles, and personal treasures was nurtured by her grandparents and parents from an early age, and she loves finding hidden gems for her clients.

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